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Achieve the Sustainable and Healthy Life you have always wanted.

Our indoor and small space garden solutions and resources make living the green and healthy life you have always dreamed of possible for anyone – no matter where you live or how much space you have!

We started EarthenMamma to enrich lives and empower people like you with the goodness of plants and nature-inspired, non-toxic, American-made products. We desire to foster togetherness, sustainability, and healthy living for individuals, families, and communities.

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Plant Power for All People

Achieve the Sustainable and Healthy Life you have always wanted.

Our indoor and small space garden solutions and resources make it possible for anyone!

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Little Cup of Greens Set

Are you in search for the perfect stocking stuffer or unique Christmas gift? The Little Cup of Greens is a great way to try out mirogreens and the perfect activity to do with kids! Grow delicious and nutritious greens in as little as five days indoors. Save 30% now for a limited time!

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What We Value


Healthy Living


We Are Susan + Thomas

We’re the husband-wife duo with a passion for healthy, sustainable living. For the past 6 years, we have cultivated our friendship and our love of plants, and now we are ready to share with you the goodness of growing a garden and lifestyle that you love.

Through the years, we have had wonderful opportunities to share our love, knowledge, and passion for plants and wellness along with the joy of growing food and creating herbal remedies. We have been blessed to encourage others in the pursuit of sustainability and health and are committed to this end. 

Here's Our Story

And God said, “Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit in which is their seed, each according to its kind, on the earth.” And it was so.

Genesis 1:11-12


Grow Kit

Healthy Living is Possible For You!

We believe that everyone should experience the joy of growing food, herbs, and flowers no matter where you live or how much space or time you have.

That’s why we’ve created unique gardening products that are the perfect solution for small spaces in your home – be it a house in the suburbs, an apartment, or even a van or RV.

Our flagship product, The Good Box is the fail-proof solution for growing nutritious microgreens on your kitchen counter – no soil and no mess required.

We have also written multiple books uncovering the secrets of gardening in small spaces. If you want to expand your gardening efforts, these are for you!

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There are several ways to grow microgreens at home. Most of them include using flimsy plastic trays and messy soil OR signing up for expensive growing kit memberships.

The Good Box was designed to eliminate those hassles and includes no soil and a a beautiful and functional design that makes growing food easy. The streamline look fits well with any decor and the unique blackout lid fits neatly under the grow box when not in use.

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Praise for the Good Box

Praise for the Good Box

It is very rewarding to eat a good clean organic product that we grew ourselves.

Upon the arrival of my kit, I was impressed with not only the quality of the materials used for The Good Box but the additional information provided. This was an excellent enhancement and something not included in other kits. My 10-year-old son and I loved watching the rapid growth from sprouting to greens. It truly is fail-proof!

It is very rewarding to eat a good clean organic product that we grew ourselves. Can’t wait to go back to the book and read about what type of microgreens we will grow next!

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Dr. Lauren Lattanza

Dr. Lauren Lattanza


Now 50% Off!

Everything but the Dirt Book Bundle

Save BIG!! This book bundle is a complete garden library loaded with projects, tips, and valuable information to fuel your gardening journey.

Complete Your Garden Library Today!

Books Included:

  • The Vertical Garden
  • The Secret Garden
  • The Backyard Harvest
  • Grow Your Own Pharmacy
  • The Hydroponic Garden Secret
  • The Instant Box Garden Miracle
  • Mastering Microgreens
  • The Indoor Garden Secret
For kids!

The Garden Squirrels

The Garden Squirrels

At EarthenMamma, we are committed to education and value the importance of instilling a sense of curiosity and respect for nature in kids.

The Little Cup of Greens is our flagship product and is the perfect way to introduce growing to children of all ages. There is nothing greater than watching the joy on a child’s face when they successfully plant, tend and harvest their food!

The Garden Squirrels are busy coming up with a whole lineup of kids’ gardening products and education resources!

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Find your inspiration for all things garden and natural wellness here. Growing, harvesting, using and storing tips for the seasoned or new gardener. Recipes, projects and sustainable living tips.

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