Looking for something special to spruce up your home for the holidays? Check out Christmas plants! They make a great statement piece and will instantly add some festivity to any living space. From classic poinsettias to festive cyclamens, Christmas plants are sure to get everyone in the spirit of the season. Plus, they make great gifts for loved ones! Whether you’re looking to create a winter wonderland or just inject some holiday cheer into your home, Christmas plants will do the trick.


Poinsettias are perhaps the most iconic christmas plant. This classic bloom shows off its bright red petals during the festive season, adding a beautiful and vibrant touch to any home.  Poinsettias can also be found in a variety of colors such as pink, white, and even burgundy!

Selecting and caring for poinsettias:

When selecting poinsettias, look for plants with dense foliage and few yellow flowers. For optimal care, avoid drafts and direct sunlight, water when the soil is dry to the touch, and fertilize once a month. Check out this article for tips on keeping your poinsettia alive all year!


Cyclamens are the perfect Christmas plant if you’re looking for something a little more subtle. These delicate flowers come in a range of colors, from pale pinks to deep purples and even white. Decorate your home with cyclamens during the holidays for an elegant festive touch.

Selecting and caring for cyclamens:

When buying cyclamens, look for bright green leaves and firm stems. Make sure to choose plants with lots of healthy blooms – they should be closed or just beginning to open. If you’re looking for a long-lasting display, go for the longer-stemmed varieties, as they will last up to several weeks.

Cyclamens prefer cool temperatures, so make sure to keep them away from any drafty or hot spots. Also, avoid placing cyclamens in direct sunlight, as this could cause their flowers to fade. Water your cyclamens regularly and mist the foliage once a week to keep the soil moist but not soggy. This will ensure your cyclamens stay in bloom for longer. With the right care, these festive plants will brighten up your home all season long!

Note: Keep away from pets as this plant is toxic to animals if ingested.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas cacti make a great plant for those who want something a little out of the ordinary. These unusual plants come in shades of red, pink or white and are sure to add a unique touch to your holiday decoration.

Selecting and caring for Christmas cacti:

When selecting a Christmas cactus, look for plants that are healthy and have robust growth. When caring for your Christmas cactus, avoid overwatering or placing it in direct sunlight, as this may lead to leaf burn.

During the winter months, keep the plant near a window or somewhere where it can receive natural light. With the right care, your Christmas cactus should bloom vibrant flowers during the festive season!

English Holly

Holly is a Christmas classic, and its bright red berries make it the perfect decorative plant. This festive foliage will look great on your mantelpiece or as part of a Christmas centerpiece.

Selecting and caring for English holly:

When selecting English holly, make sure to look for a plant with lush foliage and plenty of berries. If you plan on using them as decorations, choose ones that have been grown in a nursery rather than collected from the wild.

English holly is an evergreen bush and does not require much care. Make sure to keep it in a bright spot and give it some water regularly. If you plan on keeping your holly indoors, make sure to trim regularly and plan in a bigger pot when needed. With a bit of love, English holly will bring festive cheer all season long!

Norfolk island pine

Norfolk Island pine is an iconic Christmas plant, with its tall green branches resembling a festive tree. These impressive plants make for an eye-catching decoration and can easily be mistaken for a real Christmas tree!

Selecting and caring for Norfolk island pine:

When selecting your Norfolk Island pine, look for a healthy plant with bright green leaves. Make sure to position your Norfolk Island pine near a window where it can get good light and keep the soil moist but not soggy.

During the growing season, you may need to water more frequently as these plants can be quite thirsty! Feed your Norfolk Island pine with a liquid fertilizer every two weeks and prune when needed. With the right care, this festive plant will bring a touch of nature to your home during the holidays!


Mistletoe is another Christmas classic, and it’s perfect for filling your home with festive cheer. This evergreen has a unique look, and its white berries are sure to add a special touch to any holiday décor.

Selecting and caring for mistletoe:

When selecting mistletoe, make sure to look for a bushy bundle with lots of bright green leaves and white berries for the optimal Christmas decoration. Mistletoe bundles do not require much care but make sure to keep it away from any drafts or direct sunlight, as this may cause it to dry out. Water your mistletoe regularly and mist the foliage every week for optimal care.

Mistletoe is a staple of the Christmas season and it’s a great choice for those looking to add some festive cheer to their home.

Remember, mistletoes are technically parasitic plants that grow on other plants or trees, so it is very difficult to grow mistletoe at home. Stick to buying a fresh bundle each holiday season.


Amaryllis is a bright and beautiful flower that is perfect for adding some festive cheer to your home. These stunning blooms come in red, pink, white or orange and are sure to stand out this holiday season.

Selecting and caring for amaryllis:

When selecting an amaryllis bulb, look for those that are firm and heavy. Plant your bulb in a pot filled with soil and make sure it’s placed in a sunny spot. Water your amaryllis regularly and avoid overwatering, as this may cause the buds to rot. To prolong the life of the blooms, remove any dead flowers and leaves and turn the pot regularly to keep the amaryllis from becoming top-heavy.

With proper care, your amaryllis should bloom within six to eight weeks and bring festive cheer to your home for weeks! Amaryllis is a great way to celebrate the holiday season and add some bright color to your décor.  Make sure you enjoy these beautiful blooms while they last!

Note: Keep away from pets as this plant is toxic to animals if ingested.

No matter what type of Christmas plant you choose for your home, with proper care and attention, these festive plants will stay in bloom all season long. Get creative with your holiday decorations this Christmas!

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