Chocolate mint is more than a unique variety of mint; it’s a delightful plant that can add a special touch to your garden as well as your kitchen. Its enticing aroma, reminiscent of chocolate chip mint ice cream, is matched by its rich, complex taste.

In this article, I’ll explore the health benefits of chocolate mint, provide some helpful tips for growing it, and give a few ideas to help you get the best out of this delicious herb.

Health benefits of chocolate mint

Settle upset stomach

Chocolate mint has been traditionally used to relieve indigestion and settle upset stomachs. It contains menthol, which can help relax the muscles in the digestive tract and allow for easier passage of food. Plus, its refreshing taste makes it a great alternative to strong medications or herbal remedies that may not be as palatable.

Immune boosting benefits

Chocolate mint is loaded with vitamin A and can help fortify your immune system against germs and bacteria that may cause you to become sick. Plus, it can even help prevent other diseases like heart disease and diabetes by reducing the levels of free radicals found in the body.

Improves mental clarity

Chewing on mint or sipping on mint tea can help restore your focus and increase mental clarity. This can help you accomplish tasks and make it through that mid-afternoon slump without experiencing irritating mind fog.

Palate cleanser

Chocolate mint can also act as a palate cleanser, making it the perfect after-dinner treat. Its refreshing taste and aroma can help cleanse your taste buds, preparing them for the next course of your meal or simply leaving a fresh and clean feeling in your mouth.


Another health benefit of chocolate mint is its anti-inflammatory properties. Its high levels of antioxidants can help reduce inflammation in the body and potentially alleviate symptoms of conditions like arthritis and asthma.

Tips for growing chocolate mint

Choose location wisely

When you are planting your chocolate mint, be sure that you place it in a bed that is solely designated for your mint. Otherwise, it will grow and spread and take over any garden area. It makes a beautiful ground cover, and its fast-growing nature means that it is ideal to fill empty areas. However, plant it in a raised bed or pot if you wish to contain it.

Don’t be a helicopter plant parent

Keep your plants watered and make sure that the soil stays fairly moist. Other than that, you don’t have to go through much fuss to keep your chocolate mint happy and flourishing.

Plant it indoors

There is nothing like a beautiful plant to add flair and excitement to any home decor. Plus, having a potted chocolate mint plant indoors makes it easy to harvest for your next culinary creation while increasing oxygen in the room and acting as a natural air freshener.

Give cuttings as gifts

Chocolate mint truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Snip pieces of the stem and simply stick the cuttings in a pot of soil. These cuttings will develop roots and begin to grow. As easy as that! Put these baby mint plants in cute containers or recycled tea cups for wonderful gifts.

Best uses for chocolate mint


Chocolate mint tea is one of my favorite uses for this delicious herb. Fill a mug almost halfway with ripped-up chocolate mint leaves and pour boiling water over them. Let steep for about 5 minutes (or more if you like your tea stronger) and strain leaves out. Add a splash of chocolate coconut or almond milk to make an even more scrumptious treat. This tea will help you get your chocolate fix while providing health benefits and clearing your mind.

Use it in baking

If you are baking almost anything that involves chocolate, your recipe will only be enhanced by adding chocolate mint. It gives muffins and cookies a refreshing mint flavor, deepening the rich chocolate taste.

Repel rodents and bugs

Chocolate mint can help reduce the number of pests in your garden. Grow this plant in areas that are prone to attract flies, mice, ants, and mosquitos.

Make essential oil

Believe it or not, it is actually possible to make your own, totally homemade essential oil. And if you make it out of chocolate mint, you don’t have to worry about running out of the plant since it is such a fast grower. There are lots of methods for essential oil making, do some research and find out which one would work best for you.

Chocolate mint: not your average mint

Chocolate mint is a delightful addition to any garden with its unique flavor profile and wonderful aroma. Its health benefits are varied and significant, making it a great choice for those looking to add a touch of wellness to their culinary exploits.

Whether used in teas, infused in baked goods, or as a repellent against pesky bugs, chocolate mint is incredibly versatile. Its easy cultivation makes it a perfect option for novice gardeners or those with limited space. Truly, chocolate mint is not your average herb, but a standout variety enticing us with its scent, taste, and a host of health benefits.

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