There are several ways to grow microgreens at home. Most of them include using flimsy plastic trays and messy soil OR signing up for expensive growing kit memberships.

The Good Box was designed to eliminate those hassles.

We achieve this by creating a no-fail, zero-mess, made in America, completely non-toxic, soil-free, and organic growing system.

Need More Seeds + Mats?

Order more microgreen seeds and jute mats.

Not sure if you want to take on a whole box of greens just yet?

The Little Cup of Greens Set is the perfect way to give microgreens a try. It is also an excellent activity to do with your kids or grandkids or to grow for your pet! Dogs and cats love these tasty greens.

A great bonus is that the grow cup doubles as a storage cup – simply harvest your micros and put them into the cup. Microgreens will keep for up to a week in the fridge in the cup.

Need More Light?

Need More Light?

Is low light an issue? We have you covered! This grow light is a perfect fit for The Good Box. With smartphone app connectivity, you can control your light with the touch of a finger.

This adjustable full-spectrum light uses advanced horticultural lighting technology to simulate the spectrum of the sun that microgreens love so much