Return Policy

Your Success is GuAranteed.


The Good Box

It is our mission to help everyone be successful and learn to grow microgreens. To that end, If, after following the instructions faithfully, your greens won’t grow, contact us via the form below, and we will provide support.

We ask that you take a picture or video of the issue you are having so that we can better help diagnose the problem.

Most of the time, growing issues stem from one of four things:

#1 Not getting the mat wet enough before planting: You must fully saturate the entire grow mat – both sides – before planting. The mat will become dark brown and heavy. Do NOT wring it out before planting.

#2 Not enough light: Microgreens need a minimum of six hours of bright light daily to mature. If light is an issue, microgreens will often be slightly yellow and have stunted growth. If this is the case, we recommend using a grow light for best results.

#3 Too much water: It is possible to over water microgreens. The grow mat should always be moist but there should NOT be water sitting in the grow tray. You will also have a foul ordor if you overwater.

#4 Too little water: Do NOT let the grow mat dry out. I t is important that the mat remain moist during the entire grow. A light spray with the kitchen faucet works great.

Still Having Issues?

If this does not solve the issue, we will send new mats and seeds as well as a grow light if we suspect light is an issue. We also offer a video call with you to help you be successful.

Still Not Growing?

If after receiving new mats and seeds and having a video call with us, your microgreens are still not growing, we will offer a refund. You will need to cover the cost of shipping the box, book and any unopened seeds and unused mats back to us. We will process a refund minus a $15 repacking fee once we receive the box.

Box Arrives Damaged

If your box arrives damaged, please take a picture of it and send it to us via email or fill out the customer support form on our contact page. We will happily send you a new Good Box if yours is damaged.

Gardening Books

Books are non-refundable, but we hope you share them with others.

Customer Support

For questions or concerns about your order, please fill out the following contact form. We are here to ensure that all your growing experiences are great!