About EarthenMamma

This is Our Story

About EarthenMamma

This is Our Story

Our Why

Every good thing is a gift from God to be shared. We believe that everyone should experience the joy of growing food, herbs, and flowers no matter where they live or how much space or time they have. We value health and wellbeing and believe everyone should get to experience this.

It is our goal to empower, educate and encourage as many people as possible by sharing our passion and gifts with others.

Our Story


I remember working in my grandparent’s little country market in Iowa as a child.

People would come from miles away to partake in the beautiful mingling of sweet garden aromas, vibrant hues, and mouthwatering freshness.

My hardworking grandmother would haul baskets of produce from the field and display the bounty like a treasure. By the day’s end, there would be little left of the harvest apart from what was kept for supper.

Cucumbers, melons, tomatoes, corn, cabbage, potatoes, onions, carrots, and peppers were staples when I visited my grandparents. They took immense pride in their beautiful produce- fresh, organic, and very real. Their hands were blistered, and their brows glistened, but they were satisfied. Grateful for what God provided, happy to work for their food, and blessed to share it with others.

I believe it was my grandmother who displayed most clearly trust in God as she sowed the seeds that would provide food for herself and others.

What I know now is that it was not only a love of gardening that my grandmother shared with me but also great seeds of faith that God later watered when he saved me.

My mother always had stunning flower gardens.

They were bursting with beautiful perennials that would return even after the harshest winters. Her gardens taught me about resilience, hope, and patience. The reward of waiting all winter for that one little breath of color coming from the still cold ground was something I celebrated each spring. It was my mother who instilled in me an insatiable love of flowers and her mother who inspired me to grow food.

Much of my medicinal plant knowledge came from a group of older women.

They were pillars of the West Virginia Herb Association.

Each month we would meet to share our love of plants. I would listen as they talked about foraging, growing, identifying plants, and crafting their favorite home remedies. Their passion for and knowledge of plants was rooted deep in their heritage, passed down through generations.

It was here, surrounded by such rich culture and timeless tales, that I genuinely understood and fell in love with the power of medicinal plants. For four years, I tagged along with my notebook in tow, writing, drawing, and absorbing everything I could. When I thanked my friends for all they had taught me, they only smiled and said,

“You never thank anyone who shares their love of plants – you just keep passing it on.”

That is what I love to do – Pass it on.

I did this when homeschooling my three girls, who spent countless hours working alongside me in gardens big and small. Today they are grown and enjoy plants and gardens of their own – passing on what they love.

I share plant passion with my best friend and husband, Thomas.

We met in 2016 when I needed a fence in my yard fixed – God brought me not only an expert handyman but also a husband who loves God, plants, nature and creating as much as I do.

Since meeting, we have cultivated our friendship and love of plants, and Thomas has helped me with numerous books, using his skills to create amazing garden products. None of these books would have been possible without his help and ingenuity – he is truly a master craftsman who can fix and build anything!

Three years ago, while writing the Indoor Garden Secret …

Version one of The Good Box was born – a self-contained all cedar, handmade (by Thomas) microgreen growing system. It was a huge hit – people loved the system and growing and using microgreens.

Since then, we have tested and perfected the design and acquired a utility patent. I also finished the book Mastering Microgreens which digs deep into the health benefits of these fantastic baby plants.

When Thomas could no longer keep up on orders, we went on a mission to find a manufacturer that we could partner with to help us get The Good Box into the hands of as many people as possible. We were committed to sharing this product and we were not going to give up!

By God’s blessing, we found the perfect partner in manufacturing, and version two of The Good Box was born! This American manufacturer is committed to giving back and sustainability. We have even partnered with them in a reforestation project. For every box purchased, a new tree is planted!

There is much more to come as we continue to exercise our creative muscles and seek to provide affordable growing solutions and educational resources to support health and sustainability.

Get to Know Susan + Thomas

Behind the plants are two people who love God, love each other, and love sharing with others. Here are some fun facts about us!

Our Qualifications

(Why should you listen to us, anyway?)

  • Plant lovers
  • Health nuts
  • Craftsman
  • Certified Health Coach

  • Creative designer
  • Master gardener
  • Visionary

  • Author

We like to meander in nature.

We often stop alongside the road to take cool pictures of flowers.

We enjoy kayaking, biking, swimming, and hiking.

Dancing in the kitchen is a thing in our house.

Scrabble is our favorite board game.

A great night is a quiet night.

We are amused by lizards and hummingbirds.

We love our crazy dog Thor who also loves microgreens.

We like to make art out of found or recycled items.

We give all the glory to God!

beautiful sunsets make us smile.

We like to make art out of found items.