The Garden Shop

The Garden Shop

There are several ways to grow microgreens at home. Most of them include using flimsy plastic trays and messy soil OR signing up for expensive growing kit memberships.

The Good Box was designed to eliminate those hassles.

We achieve this by creating a no-fail, zero-mess, made in America, completely non-toxic, soil-free, and organic growing system.

Are you ready for Garden Season?

Choose from a wide variety of garden books that will help you have the best garden season yet!

Perfect for both novice and experienced gardeners. Don’t miss the BIG sale happening now.

We make it easy to grow healthy and delicious microgreens all year long.

Find all the inspirations and tips you need to become a successful gardener here!

Fun products and projects just for kids. Experience the joy of growing together.

The LORD God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.

Genesis 2:15

Need some Inspiration?

If you need some fresh, vibrant garden and project ideas. Here’s what some past customers have to say about the life our books infused into their gardening journey

My first garden ever was amazing thanks to this book!
I have all of Susan’s gardening books and have learned so much from each one.
I appreciate the fun presentation and great images that were included.
I am a new gardener and this book is my constant companion.
This book is an excellent resource for anyone interested in healing plants.

The theme gardens in The Instant Box Garden Miracle have been so fun for my kids during homeschool. We love to choose a theme garden and plant in our raised beds.The Pizza, Lemonade and Butterfly gardens have all been a huge hit and we can’t wait to do more. Having a theme helps keep my kids focused and allows us to study other things in homeschool relative to the theme. Susan is a great help to those of us who educate and an inspiration. Love the book!


I am a new gardener and The Secret Garden is my constant companion. This book has helped me deal with some difficult garden situations, taught me about the value of organic gardening and even how to start, care of, harvest and use some of my favorite plants. I love the companion planting section! It has been great to put these suggestions into action. My first garden ever was amazing thanks to this book.